Privacy Policy


This is my Personal website. I do not sell anything. I do not have a mailing list.

Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics to track the number of visitors. Data collected via Googla Analytics is aggregated and anonymised - including IP addresses. I have no idea who visits my site. You can opt out of Google Analytics


Some content may use Disqus to allow people to leave comments on blog posts etc. If you do so, Disqus is the data controller so read their privacy policy

Social Media

If you share any content via social media by using a “share” button your data will be processed by that platform (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) and you should be aware of their privacy policies when doing so.


The only cookies I am aware of on this site are via Google Analytics and Disqus (see above). You will have been prompted to accept cookies when you came to the site - that banner also contains information on how to decline or delete cookies on your machine. In addition, the following cookies may be set on your machine when you visit:

Bootstrap and FontAwesome

These are both baked into the site and control the appearance and fonts respectively. They are delivered via CDN to enable fast download speeds wherever you are in the world. They are essential for the rendering of the website.

Site architecture

This is a static site, served via Netlify. This means there is not a database in the background logging real time information. Netlify also has a feature which enables the site to be rendered securely via https.